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“Buy the best
information available”

Warren Buffett

We are an independent information company whose prime objective is to collect and make available a concise and comprehensive data supply system to commercial real estate professionals like you.

At Real Estate Search Corporation we deliver the strategic information a customer driven organization needs to build their success. Our client portfolio includes brokerages, property managers, owners, consultants, lenders, appraisers and municipal authorities who have come to rely on transparency, quality and reliability from the most comprehensive database of office space in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our ability to supply the best information possible about the Greater Toronto Area commercial office market, will save time, money and help improve relationships by being better informed. Our clients have confidence they are reducing their risks and increasing their knowledge by using independent data from a professional source, Real Estate Search Corporation.


Through our web site, CD, or custom reports, you can obtain the data you need in forecasting for growth and new development, asset management, benchmarking, and more, to provide your team with solutions as well as information.


The most up to date, the most accurate and versatile source of finding where there is available office space in the Greater Toronto Area. Search in one place for all the available space saving time and ensuring you are better informed.
Real Estate Search Corporation can tell you how long individual spaces have been on the market. Track new supply, identify future opportunities raising value and enforcing decisions.


We have, on a monthly basis tracked over 22,000 tenants in the last 8 years. We can categorize tenants based on business type, size, length of occupancy, growth and movement. These facts make projecting the future more accurate and reliable. You can not get this anywhere else.


We track every deal which affects the occupancy of a building. Enjoy the knowledge that you won’t miss anything. Know what’s going on don’t just guess.


A picture says a thousand words and so can you with our unique generation of trend graphs. This dynamic tool replaces endless streams of stats. Validate the accuracy of the trend by looking at each building.

Information Quality

Our database houses over 2,400 buildings totaling 199 million square feet, 22,000 tenants and 14 million square feet of available space.** This represents the most complete data base in the Greater Toronto Area. Rigorous data collection methods make us unique. Our research professionals constantly review, confirm, verify and cross-reference data to ensure the most current information possible.

**All numbers based on December 2007 statistics