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About Us

“Confirming sources
leads to Quality”

“Why go into a deal with
one eye closed? Negotiate
with all the facts.”

“Lease up quicker
using Real Estate
Search Corporation’s

“Maintaining confidentiality
is a key to
real estate success”

Eddy Gordon,
Chairmen ESG New York 1995

“Does your information
supplier ask you to
‘submit’ your own updates”

“As the industry grows
in sophistication
‘trust me I know the street’
is not cutting it anymore.”

“Free information
may prove costly”


Improve your Bottom Line

No one can afford to lose a transaction because they missed a critical piece of information. So why rely on rumors, gossip and trading information with your competitors to keep you ahead?

At Real Estate Search Corporation, we understand the industry’s need for credible information. So let us, work hard to ensure you receive industry leading information letting you save time, gain the competitive advantage, and improve your bottom line.

Who Uses Real Estate Search Corporation?

If you’re interested in achieving greater real estate success and confidence, our online website is right for you. Already our information is empowering over 400 professionals, 11 brokerages including two of the biggest, 14 property managers of all sizes, owners, consultants, lenders, appraisers and all levels of government.

How do we do it?

It’s our only business, so we better get it right. With our 10th anniversary just around the corner, we are proud to have established industry leading data collection techniques and systems for confirming, cross-referencing, and reporting information.

Come take a look online and gain a network of knowledge for over 199 million square feet of office space, 22 thousand tenants, 2400 buildings and growing! The results have set new standards in accuracy. Independence and objectivity is mission critical to our success. Our rigorous data collection methods make us unique.

We are the only real estate information company in Canada which is not aligned or wholly owned by competing industry participants, (such as brokers, appraisers and owners).

Find Information Effortlessly

Why waste time looking in the wrong places or at the wrong information? Now you can search easily for information. Spend more time improving the quality and efficiency of your services to your clients.

Our new interactive web site makes it easy to find and build results. Three clicks and get details for each available space, transaction, and tenant to build a high level of confidence in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the big trends. Find and analyze transaction-specific information without having to wade through redundant or irrelevant information

Keep on the Leading Edge of Information

Real Estate Search Corporation is constantly testing new information products to provide our clients with a better understanding of the dynamics in a marketplace.

High Risk Decisions can cost you Everything

Reduce the risk in every leasing, acquisition and disposition decisions by obtaining all the information you can. The costs of Real Estate Search Corporation services are a fraction of the potential win from good decisions or savings from avoiding a bad one. Obtain the information you need, for the price you can afford.