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“Every building means every building not just those the the supplier thinks is important.”

Building Locations

Real Estate Search Corporation has the most comprehensive database of office space in the Greater Toronto Area.

The database houses;**

2,400 buildings (all office buildings over 1,000 sq. ft.)
199 million sq. ft. of office space (includes current buildings under construction)
180 million sq. ft. of unique tenant information (includes history of tenants to January 2000)
22,000 transactions done in the region (from January 2000)

All Shapes and Sizes

At Real estate Search Corporation we consider all the buildings that are an office building, even if it is 10,000 square feet or less. The small boutique buildings, AAA towers and all that falls in between are here at your fingertips.


If you feel that single tenant, government, or less than 10,000 square feet buildings are not relevant to your needs… leave them out. There is still 180,000,000 sq. ft remaining in our database for you to search easily, quickly and accurately.

New Supply of Office Space

Over 25 million sq. ft of office space has been built in the Greater Toronto Area since 1999. Other sources claim that between 15 and 16 million have been built. What are they missing? Shouldn’t you be the one to decide what isn’t relevant?”

Real Estate Search Corporation’s New Supply Report is the most comprehensive analysis of “ALL” the new office space by a substantial amount. New Supply shows exactly what has been built as well as what has left the market place through demolition or change of use.

**All numbers based on December 2007 statistics