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Our Team

“Our People give you a
Strategic Advantage”

“Good information
won’t close the deal
for you but it will
get both parties closer”

Real Estate Search Corporation

(est. 2000)

Our Founders have 50 years of real estate experience to draw on and a passion to make it right. The partners of Real Estate Search Corporation created the company to satisfy the industry’s need for credible industry information from a trusted and independent source and we have achieved that goal.

Iain Dobson
“Quality real estate information has been a passion of mine” says Iain Dobson co-founder of Real Estate Search Corporation. “As a developer, property manager, and a broker for 27 years prior to 2000 we know the value of accurate, relevant information when making the next move”

“Often using relationships to source information tips your hand prematurely. Rely on our confidentiality to get you exactly what you need when you need it. Don’t be held hostage to an information trade”

“We have achieved a new standard in time sensitive, comprehensive and trust worthy information. Start with the best information on the market, then apply your knowledge and skill to make the next good decision”

Jamie Kidd
“The commercial real estate industry has to catch up to financial services sectors when it comes to transparency” says Jamie Kidd, a CA and former real estate company executive for 25 years.

“Transparency brings greater value to any business, we believe we have raised the bar for all of our customers to deliver to their customers the best advice based on independent facts.”

“Our customers realize the value of their time. Wasting that time collecting information reduces the opportunity to do more business.”

“The real estate industry is being challenged today more than any time before to attract capital from all sources and to be successful the industry must move from the “personal information age” to the transparency enjoyed by most other markets.”

Emily Fairfield
“It’s what you don’t know that could cost you money – the team at Real Estate Search Corporation understands that”, Emily Fairfield, Director of Operations of Real Estate Search Corporation explains. “The value of information is only worth the sum of its parts. We pull together all the details to form an invaluable true picture of what’s happening in the marketplace.”

Our Amazing Team
We all work diligently to give our clients the most up to date information that they can use to their benefit.

Taking ownership of the information used to create our data has created a system of diligence, verifying, and best practice in our office. The Real Estate Search Corporation team believes they are our client’s partners in success.