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“Focus on analysis
not collecting information.”

“Empower your Support Team. Give them the tools
to produce reports
in half the time.”

“Efficiency Saves Time
and Money”

“Reduce Leasing Risk”

“One good decision,
one more deal done
pays for the service.”

"People with occasional information needs don't need to subscribe monthly.
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“When the information is
important to us
we know we can trust
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More Than Just A Web Service

We are an independent information company whose prime objective is to provide a concise and comprehensive data supply to professionals like you.

In addition to the information we offer on this website, (see the tabs above for details), our services include customized solutions to assist your team and provide them with up to date information, consulting and report generation services for:

Forecasting Growth and New Development

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future. Real Estate Search Corporation has developed industry leading techniques for tracking the history of growth and projecting the potential of growth in the future for new development.

Our Tenant and Trend information make it easy for you to identify who has moved in or out of the target market, what types of businesses are growing and who may be your ideal potential tenant.

Asset Management

Do you spend days sifting through many reports trying to understand a market in context to your assets? Let Real Estate Search Corporation prepare the basic information you need to build your asset management reports with trustworthiness and accuracy. Compare your asset’s competitiveness in the market place to the buildings you believe are relevant to the success of your investment. Whenever you report, report with confidence by creating strategies based on the facts you get from an unbiased source.


We pioneered benchmarking. Let us review all of our information; rents, tenant growth, trends, transactions, new supply, and occupancy to put together a complete strategic report. Our individual consulting reports are detailed, reliable, concise and focus on solutions.

Custom Report Service

Improve the efficiency with which you deliver services. Quality information and turn around time are critical to your success.

Using our custom report service, every customer’s varying needs combined with meeting the challenge of communicating is easy to do in your own look and feel. Personalized documentation is just an added advantage to using our information. Real Estate Search Corporation can customize any report to fit your company’s needs.


Have a major renewal coming up?
We can profile competing spaces and show the time each space has been on the market. Analyze the potential of currently occupied blocks becoming available and minimize the risk in re-leasing with a strategic tenant target report.

Buying or selling a building?
Our data has been used by both buyers and sellers to provide them with accurate market information directly related to the assets for sale.

Do you have the resources to make the bid?
We guarantee that our custom solutions will make your support team faster more efficient and better able to get your customer exactly what they need in half the time.

Where is your next tenant coming from?
Identify who and what type of tenant you are looking for from our tenant database.

Invested in your own systems?
Combine them with our direct daily feed of information from Real Estate Search Corporation to give your professionals an incredibly powerful motivator.