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“How many tenants moved to the 905 from the Core last year?
Where were they?
Where exactly did they go?
Can your sources answer
these questions?”

“Save time and money
by prospecting from
a pre-qualified list”

The Only Tenant Database in the Market

Since 2000, Real Estate Search Corporation has tracked over 30,000 tenants, where they are and where they have been. This superior level of information gives our customers unparalleled research opportunities. Search tenants based on business type, size, length of occupancy, location, growth and movement and identify who is driving the market.

Qualify Tenants

Be proactive and reach out to the most qualified potential customers you can get. Focus your marketing on the tenants best suited to your availability. Identify large tenants in multiple locations or small tenants who can fit exactly into your availability. Our Strategic Tenant Service allows our customers to view 8 years of tenant growth and to better understand who may be growing and who may be shrinking.

Tenant Demand

Real Estate Search Corporation has developed some of the best techniques for anticipating tenant growth. Predict the future with greater certainty and less risk. Have a tenant growth study for your market prepared by the consulting division of Real Estate Search Corporation and make your decision to build or buy based on more facts than ever before.

Breaking the Occupancy Myth

Occupancy statistics should be about tenants. Subtracting availability from inventory does not equal occupancy. Real Estate Search Corporation does not simply restate availability and call it occupancy, it actually measures occupied space. The result is a true indication of tenant growth and this can make a substantial impact on a decision.