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“Tired of hearing about only
the Transactions stakeholders
want you to see?”

“Get all the deals you need
don’t miss one”

“Knowing who is doing the transactions is powerful.
Guessing is risky.”

Every deal in every building is recorded in Real Estate Search Corporation’s database. See what buildings quietly renew their tenants versus buildings that have a revolving door and varying occupancy.

Search the Only Complete List

You ought to know about all the deals done in a market not just the couple your competitors are talking about. Put your finger on all transaction activity when you need it most. Real Estate Search Corporation’s inventory of 22,000 lease deals will ensure you improve your knowledge and save time. See what buildings renewed tenants, who moved out to create a new vacancy, or who expanded in a building without that information hitting “the street.”

Our appraisal customers rave about the efficiency and quality of these comprehensive lists. Just being certain you have looked at all the transactions means you can spend more time assessing the value of comparables.

Understand Transaction Volume

Is business growing or shrinking? Were there more deals done last month than the month before?

Every change is recorded in the competitive market to greatly enhance your understanding of the leasing risks associated with the next decision.

Dynamics such as the movement from As to Bs or the movement into an area or out of an area are quickly and easily understood. Trending transactions has never been possible before Real Estate Search Corporation and the value of doing this grows with every application.