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Market Review

“Forecast with Confidence”

“Confirm your gut feel”

“Once you get monthly
trends quarterly stats
will seem archaic’”

A picture says a thousand words and so can you with our unique generation of trend graphs. Show your clients availability, occupancy, new supply and more on individual buildings, competing buildings, a local area, “A” class only – the variables are truly endless and the level of information is outstanding.

This dynamic tool replaces endless streams of stats. Validate the accuracy of the trend by looking at each building. Our quality of information gives you the real story of where the Greater Toronto Area’s commercial real estate is headed.

You can project future activity based on monthly changes in the past help you minimize risk by knowing all the forces which will have an effect on future markets. Tired of waiting for three months to see where the market is?

Your Market

Industry standard geographic boundaries or any boundaries you feel are appropriate to your assets can be applied to your view of the market. Reports for any group of buildings regardless of where they are located, is achievable.


We pioneered the concept of positioning assets relative to the competition and we continue to improve on it. How are you performing relative to the market? What markets and sectors should you be active in? The comprehensive data collected by our professional staff can confirm your decisions.

Get the Picture

Verify the trends by inspecting to the most detailed level and to confirm the authenticity and reliability of the trend. Save time and be better informed by seeing it all in the easy to understand format created by Real Estate Search Corporation.